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Dental Financing with CareCredit

Knox Bridge Dental Care of Canton, Georgia, is proud to accept CareCredit®. This healthcare credit card allows patients to get their recommended dental treatments and procedures that may not be covered by insurance. It works by allowing you to pay for those treatments using monthly payment plans that fit your financial situation.

CareCredit® is free, and the application process is simple. You may use your card for your dental needs and other healthcare providers with special financing options.* Once you’ve been approved, you’re free to schedule your procedures before receiving the physical card. CareCredit® has been the trusted source for healthcare credit cards for nearly three decades, and more than 21 million accounts have been opened since they began.

CareCredit Frequently Asked Questions

What is care credit for dental work?
Care credit is a third party payment system that allows you to finance dental treatment with certain perks. It works very similar to a credit card except you have options of interest free repayments over how ever many months of your choice. Here are some term length options for repayment with the card: 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months. Any of these term lengths are all interest free but there are certain amount requirements for each length of time.

The one major difference of this card vs a traditional credit card is that you cannot swipe with it as there is no magnetic stripe on the card. In order to use the card, your dentist or healthcare provider needs to manually enter the transaction in at CareCredit's website.

How to use the care credit application for dental.
The care credit application for any dental work is a very easy process. All you have to do is just apply directly on their website. The entire application is approximately two paper pages but you'll receive a decision within a few minutes. You do not have to wait days to hear a result. You'll also get a virtual card with your account number on it and begin using it immediately. The actual card will come in the mail within two weeks.

What credit score do you need for care credit for dental?
On average, the credit score that is required for a care credit application is at least 640. They may make exceptions for slightly lower scores though. They do take into account your overall credit history for the final decision. That is really the only requirement for care credit dental, a 640 credit score. Well and also the ability to repay!

What types of treatment can you use it for?
There are no limitations to the type of dental treatment that you can use care credit for. As long as the transaction is processed within a dental office, it will usually go through but here is a list of common procedures that people use it for. Care credit for dental implants, Invisalign is the most common, veneers and dental crowns, root canals and gum treatment, teeth whitening. Most insurances will not cover the whitening but you can use the carecredit to cover the expenses.

Should you use this type of financing?
This is a perfectly valid financing option for dental work because the company itself is actually owned by Synchrony Financial. If you have an Amazon credit card, it is also through synchrony so you can be certain that it is legitimate.

What are the benefits to using CareCredit?
- Easy to use. The application should take less than 10 minutes to fill out and you get approved almost instantaneously.
- Trustworthy. It is through the same company that issues Amazon credit cards.
- Flexible. They have a wide range of repayment options stretching from 6 months and all the way to 24 months.

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